Cloud Skills Gateway

The Cloud Skills Gateway offers a variety of offerings to help individuals develop and enhance their cloud skills. Here are four key offerings:

AWS Cloud Practitioner

  • Cloud Fundamentals: Basic Cloud Concepts
  • AWS Services Overview: Service Portfolio Introduction
  • Security and Compliance: Data Protection and Governance
  • Billing and Pricing: Cost Management Essentials

AWS Solutions Architect

  • Cloud Architecture Design: Designing Scalable Solutions
  • Infrastructure Provisioning: Resource Deployment and Management
  • High Availability: Redundancy and Fault Tolerance
  • Cost Optimization: Efficient Resource Utilization

Linux fundamental

  • Kernel: Core Operating System
  • Shell: Command-Line Interface
  • Filesystem: Hierarchical File Structure
  • Permissions: Access Control System

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Courses Offered


Secured Jobs


Students Trained


Tools and Technologies

Preparation for assessments and certifications


Learning Paths

he Cloud Skills Gateway provides structured learning paths that guide individuals through a curated set of courses


Hands-on Labs

Hands-on labs offer practical, interactive exercises that allow learners to gain firsthand experience with cloud technologies


Assessments and Certifications:

The Cloud Skills Gateway offers assessments and certifications to validate individuals’ cloud knowledge and skills.


Career Paths and Job Board

The Cloud Skills Gateway provides insights into different career paths within the cloud industry.

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